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Game Jam game made on the theme "Biodesign and the city"

I used the idea of bioluminescence in the city to make an horror game where there is bioluminescence on the floor that glows blue. It is the only source of light. There is a monster in the labyrinth that switches the bioluminescence's color to orange in a certain radius around it. The player can use this information to avoid the creature.

In the unimplemented mechanics are :

- the marks (here as the texts on the walls). The player would be able to create his own marks with paint to orient himself in the labyrinth and solve the puzzle. Think the spray paint of erie, and you can see them in one of the artworks.

- the bait mark. The player can draw a specific mark the will draw the monster to it. The monster will then consume it and resume his chase of the player.

- the hints. These are the bioluminescent formations seen on one of the artworks. In the center is a hint that can only be revealed by the monster. The player will need to bring the monster close to the hint to be able to read it. These hints are one element of a global intention of using the monster while still fearing it.

- the monster. It chases the player at different speeds etc, plus interacts with the bait marks

- crouching, crouching zones, and ladders. Those are made to escape the monster when in a pinch. There would be little cavities to crouch and hide at some places, as well as ladder where the player would be able to hang and get out of reach and sight of the monster.

- the puzzles, traps and interesting stuff. I ended doing the jam all alone after some people were demotivated so i wasn't able to make some amnesia level puzzle things, but it is intended.

The prototype is pretty poor compared to what i wanted, but i hope the artworks make up for that. I wanted a very specific ambiance i didn't manage to reproduce but it was still pretty fun :)

Tagsbiodesign, city, FPS, Horror, scary

Install instructions

Controls : WASD to move, caps to run, space to jump. Mouse for camera.


A_Light_in_the_Dark.rar 16 MB


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Neat music.

I tried it out. I think the lights might be quite the performance killers though :)